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The Sleep Repair Kit Seminar $30Purchase required to enroll

This 3 hour interactive seminar will lead you through the process of repairing and optimizing your sleep for maximum health benefits. We will cover topics like :

  • The Essentials - the 4 most important elements to restful, uninterrupted, restorative sleep.
  • Allostatic load - track and modulate your total stress load in relation to your recovery capacity
  • Parasympathetic activation - 'Rest and Digest' like a pro with parasympathetic activation tools ranging from breathing drills to macro nutrient and meal timing
  • Diurnal reset - how to safely modulate your sleep schedule while respecting your natural circadian rhythms
  • Sleep Aids - the good, bad, and the ugly of sleep aids whether from a 'natural' supplement or OTC medication
  • Damage Control - tips, tools, and tricks to make the best of a challenging sleep situations like a new kid, shift work, or tax season. A 'how to' for minimizing the damage from a poor night of sleep, Damage Control at its finest!
There will also be some low intensity movement, so wear something you can comfortably move around in, and be sure bring materials to take notes! Due to the interactive nature of the seminar there will be a limited number of spots available, so reserve your's today.

Free Nutrition Seminar Free

The focus of this seminar will be rebuilding your metabolism. It will be held at NorCal Strength and Conditioning - Chico on Tuesday October 18th at 6:45 PM and will be 1 hour long. Seminar is open to Members and NonMembers.